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The City of London Archaeological Society (COLAS) was founded in 1966 to encourage an active appreciation of archaeology, particularly within the City of London and its environs. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the archaeology and history of London. COLAS is active with monthly lectures and visits for its members, and participates in local archaeology events. Our members continue to contribute to the study of the City and its environs through research and fieldwork with Thames Discovery Programme, recording features including eroding causeways, and abandoned barge beds, anchors and rudders.
COLAS is a Registered Charity supported entirely by the work of its volunteers.

Working with the Thames Discovery Programme (TDP), COLAS has also initiated a new project to study the Causeways, Riverstairs and Ferry Terminals (CRaFT) of the tidal Thames. This exciting project brings together COLAS members and TDP volunteers to uncover, discover, or rediscover, the histories of the Thames landing places from Vauxhall to Greenwich.

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> ‘Heavenly work on earth: Medieval bridge building as an act of piety‘ by Bruce Watson, Consultant Field Archaeologist

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